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Backpack Tent with Ghillie Cover Backpack Tent with Ghillie Cover

Our Ghillie covers: are built on a Polyester knotted netting with 1” x 1” holes.  Synthetic threads are hand tied to the netting.  With the netting, you can add local vegetation when out in the field.  Throw leaves or sticks on the cover to enhance it’s  appearance and to help blend in to your environment.  The Ghillie cover is secured to the tent with Velcro ties on the sides of the tent, or use the thread on the cover to tie the sides together.  The cover has a top piece that is 70” x 70”, and the (4) attached side pieces are 70” x 60”.  Plenty of material hanging down so it lays on the ground.  Secure the bottom of the cover to the ground with tent stakes.

The cover can be cut with scissors to adjust to any window or door on the tent, and secured in place with the supplied Velcro.
Our Synthetic thread is: Rot-Proof, Mildew resistant, Fire-Resistant, Water-repellant, No UV Brighteners added, Non allergenic

Backpack Ground Blind Specifications: (3 Man Blind) has a zippered door with two windows on the door.  Each of the three other sides has two windows for a total of 8 windows.  On the 3 sides opposite the door, there is a larger zippered flap that can be opened for better viewing.  All windows have two headed zippers.  Included are, 2 folding fiberglass poles for support, 8 metal stakes with 4 ropes, and Velcro straps to secure the Ghillie cover.  Tent cover is 150D, Water-proof PU black coating on the inside, and fire-retardant.  Tent size is 5 1/2 feet by 5 1/2 feet, with an internal height of 6 feet 4 inches.  The tent is made with metal rings that allow the unit to be twisted and folded up, and stored in it’s included backpack bag.  The bag has shoulders straps for easy transporting into the field.  All the included accessories are stored in the bag.

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