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Sniper Ghillie Suit - 5 Tips To Effectively Customize Your Sniper Ghillie Suit

Whether a Hunter, Paintballer or Military Personnel - effective customization of your sniper ghillie suit is important for getting the most effective use out of this vitally important item.This article lists 5 tips for those looking to buy and then effectively customize a Sniper Ghillie suit.

Sniper Ghillie Suit - Customization Tip #1 - Fire Safety Must Come First.

Because your Ghillie will often be used around ignition sources it is vital that you treat with fire retardant before use. Several coatings of commercially available retardants often being required. Altenatively look to buy a Ghillie that is already certified as fire retardant.

Sniper Ghillie Suit - Customization Tip #2 - Ensure You Do Not Overheat

Temperatures inside a Ghillie suit while under activity can reach over 50 Degrees Celsius (or 120 Degrees F). These temperatures are not only uncomfortable but potentially dangerous. Make sure your Ghillie suit starts as lightweight as possible - the best quality Ghillies available weight in at only 3lbs!

Sniper Ghillie Suit - Customization Tip #3 - Quality Netting Materials

Your Ghillie must have quality netting materials if it is to remain effectively customizeable. The best Ghillie suits come with 3/4" netting that is both proofed against water and bugs. Make sure that your netting does not let you down.

Sniper Ghillie Suit - Customization Tip #4 - Customizing For Your Needs

Not all Ghillies are suitable for all activities. For example a Hunter and Paintball enthusiast have different requirements. Make sure that the Ghillie you buy is adaptable for your individual requirements.

Sniper Ghillie Suit - Customization Tip #5 - Quality At The Right Price

The cheapest Ghillie suits are liable to fall apart, rot and prove unusable for any serious activity. Make sure you do not compromise quality when making your Ghillie suit purchase. The best outlets on the net provide quality Ghillie suits that last several seasons and customizations - at a great price.

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What Is A Ghillie Suit?

A ghillie suit is a camouflage suit used by those working in typically outdoor conditions where it is critical to be able to blend in with the surroundings of the area. These suits, also known as yowie suits or ghillie sniper suits, are made to look like heavy foliage and landscape underbrush. The suits are worn by military personnel, hunters, paintball players or anyone else who has to work in an area that is thickly covered in plants and needs to camouflage their appearance.

The ghillie suit is typically constructed out of nylon netting fabric or cloth. The fabric is covered with strips of material that is made to look like twigs and branches. The ghillie suit is most commonly used as a camouflage suit by snipers and was first used for this purpose in 1916. Having been developed by a Scottish hunter and game keeper this type of suit is still taken along as a portable hunting blind when hunters go out in the game season.

So Why The Name Ghillie Suit?

The word ‘ghillie’ means ‘boy’ in the Gaelic language. More logically, the English refer to the assistants and servants working during hunting feasts as ghillies. The older meaning of the word is connected to folk tales and refers to the Gaelic name for tree spirits and beings disguised in leaves in the deep dark forests of Ireland being ‘ghillie dhu’.

The Use Of Ghillie Suits

Ghillie suits are great when camouflage is needed but there are plenty of situations in which this type of camouflage wear cannot be worn at all. The suits get very hot inside and as many strips of cloth are attached to the suits to create a ‘leaf’ effect, the suits tend to be quite heavy. Even if the suit is worn in a moderate climate the temperatures inside the suit can rise up to 50 degrees celsius. The suits must be treated with fire retardant spray as they are highly flammable without it. This can of course be a serious problem in war situations. Grenades and other equipment must be kept away from these suits which is highly impractical.

Ghillie suits can be ordered over the Internet from specialized shops. In most cases, different types of suites are offered and it is even possible to obtain a ghillie suits in different colors to make sure that you are able to enter an area with a specific type of undergrowth unnoticed. They also make lightweight ghillie suits nowadays for those running around a lot like paintball players. You can also get a simple ghillie poncho if you don’t want the whole suit. There are options for everybody who needs to “disappear” into their outdoor surroundings.

Ghillie Suits Information and History

If you've ever seen a sniper on the news or in a film, then you have probably noticed that unsettling, half-man, half-shrubbery appearance. That is thanks to a ghillie suit. The point of the ghillie suit is to make a sniper disappear into his surroundings.

The word ghillie is an old Scottish term for a special kind of game warden. Ghillies were tasked with protecting the game on their Lord's lands. From time to time, the ghillies would stalk the game by hiding in the grass and lying perfectly still. They would wait for unsuspecting deer to amble by and then leap out and grab it with their bare hands. Ghillies would then haul their prize back to the keep so the Lord could shoot it in the castle courtyard in a “mock hunt.”

Ghillie suits are basically old military uniforms that snipers modify for their special purpose. The belly of the uniform is reinforced with heavy canvas to help pad a sniper's torso during hours or days of lying on his stomach. Camouflage netting is attached to the uniform. This netting is used to attach shredded burlap and other frayed materials. Ghillie suits are usually painted to match the environment of the battlefield. Local elements like twigs, vines, and branches can be incorporated into the netting to further camouflage the ghillie suit.

Nothing in nature has perfectly straight lines, so equipment like rifles and antennas often betray concealed positions. To counter this, snipers also make little ghillie suits for their rifles. Using the same principles of camouflage, snipers wrap their rifles in canvas and create little sleeves that make them blend into the environment.

Soldiers are trained to keep their eyes peeled for strange things in their surroundings that could represent a threat. The human form is one of the most recognizable shapes in nature. Snipers, spotters, and trained observers all look for color and contour when trying to spot an enemy in the brush or other terrain. Ghillie suits help the sniper to break up his outline, hide straight lines in his gear and blend his overall color with the surroundings. "With a good ghillie suit," Army Ranger Sniper explains, "you could hide in a yard and people wouldn't be able to see you."

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